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Aubree Hunter

Surfing, soccer and squats, the perfect trio for Aubree. Aubree graduated with a degree in Social Work from BYU-Hawaii and has a desire to help people in all aspects of life. As a personal trainer, she helps others overcome physical barriers, achieve fitness goals, and find the fun in exercising. She combines her background in CrossFit with her CPT-NASM knowledge to create challenging and rewarding workouts.

Aubree knows that committing to a workout routine is hard work, but it will make life and daily tasks easier in the long run. “Hard now, easy later. Easy now, hard later,” is a quote that frequently runs through her head as she’s doing her own workouts. No matter what your goals are, she will give you her 100% and bring as much energy to the table as possible.




  • Women’s Fitness Specialty-NASM

  • CrossFit Level 1

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