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Tess Grubb

TessI have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a certification in personal training. I am also a Resistance Training Specialist as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I have always been interested in exercise. In middle school to high school I was in sports and loved being active. In college my first year, I majored in a field that did not encourage activity, and I gained 15 pounds and lost muscle mass. That following summer, I was determined to not just get back to where I was before school but beyond it. I lost all the weight and achieved better health. Soon after, I got certified as a personal trainer and got my degree. I wanted to help people like me who wanted to enjoy life and be healthy.

Creating goal oriented exercise prescriptions based on individual’s needs and desires, is what I do. I love helping people achieve their goals in fitness. I specialize in increasing functional fitness and encourage clients to try methods of exercise that are new to them. Many people vastly underestimate themselves, and I help them overcome both physical barriers and psychological limitations. I utilize any equipment available to me for an exercise program, but I also enjoy teaching how to utilize their own body weight for exercise. I have experience from training groups of Marine Corps Officer candidates to working with individuals with rare neurological disorders. My ultimate goal is for clients to have an increased quality of life through their experience with me. I would love to help you reach your goals!