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Matt Bowlin

As a former-active-duty U.S. Marine, I still believe Physical Training (PT) is a crucial part to keeping in good health of the mind and body. My athletic experiences in my youth-up-bringing include baseball, soccer, and WKSL swim league. At the high school level, I was a varsity wrestler who attended several Oklahoma State University wrestling camps and wrestled freestyle tournaments in the off-season. I addition, I ran varsity cross country in the fall semesters. Following high school, and 6 years of active-duty, served most of my enlistments with the Reconnaissance community, I studied Applied Science at South Plans College in Levelland, Texas. During these times, I have seen advances and set-backs, in my health and fitness. Be it a sports injury, chronic pain condition, physical therapy recovered patient, or a lapse in being active, I know what it means to take that hill and fight the uphill battle. I’ve been there. Where ever you might be in your journey, I can help get you where you want to be. This year, I am on my 4th season as an assistant wrestling coach/strength and conditioning coach for Topsail High School. Before transferring to THS, I was the strength and conditioning coach for Dixon Middle School Wrestling. In addition to this, it’s great to be working here at Coastal Fitness and on staff with so many great trainers and team-members. Focus: free-weights, circuit training and high intensity-interval training. What are your goals? Where do you want to be? Let’s work on it together! One step. One rep. One set at a time.