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Kelli Ramsey

My own experiences as an athlete, coach, referee, and mother have driven me to stay educated and interested in ways to stay healthy and active.  I played three varsity sports and continue to play as often as possible.  Trying to keep myself in shape and helping my kids become better athletes inspired me to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  The principles I use to help athletes perform better while avoiding injury also equip me to help people of all fitness levels on their path to a better quality of life.  Having experienced and recovered from several injuries, I also understand how to overcome setbacks and how to design workouts that help avoid injuries while still challenging your body.  I enjoy helping clients meet their individual goals by designing the best fitness program for them!


Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Mathematics San Diego State University


NSCA CSCS (National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)