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Elizabeth List


From the time that Elizabeth was a kid, sports were always in her life. She played soccer for 10 years and was a competitive figure skater for 8. Elizabeth’s real interest in fitness began when she moved from Las Vegas, NV to Nashville for college. Struggling with the transition of being away from her family, she found a spin class like the ones in her hometown. Shortly after school, she moved to California. In 2019, she got her NASM Personal training certification and spinning certification. Elizabeth’s joy in training is seeing the lifestyle and mental change that people experience when they make fitness a habit. She has worked with people ranging in age from 12-90 with all different goals. Whether your goal is strength, weight loss, mobility/balance, or just to feel better, she is excited to help you on the journey!



NASAM Certified Personal Trainer

Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning

Coastal Fitness Center