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Cassandra Murphy

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Growing up in western Massachusetts, Cassie played soccer, competed in equine show jumping, as well as captained her high school cheerleading team. When her husband received orders to Camp Lejeune, they moved to the Hampstead area where they are raising their two children. Fitness is a huge part of Cassie’s life as she aims to instill good habits in her kids to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, while supporting their athletic pursuits in wrestling, baseball and hockey.

In 2018, Cassie chose to enter her first NPC Bikini competition where she was awarded second place in the novice class. Following her success, she developed an increased interest in helping others achieve their own goals and enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine in order to gain her certification as a certified personal trainer. In addition to personal training, Cassie is a wedding and portrait photographer. In both occupations, she has the pleasure of meeting and getting to know new people every day. Building on these relationships and tailoring plans to maximize on clients’ potential is what drives Cassie.