Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons

*Please fill out a form with payment at Coastal Fitness Center.
You will be contacted by an instructor to schedule dates and times for the lessons.

Coastal Fitness Member

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$321 Lesson (30 mins)
$601 Lesson (60 Mins)
$1204 Lessons ( 30 mins)
$2248 lessons (30 mins)


Become A Member
$451 Lesson (30 mins)
$751 Lesson (60 mins)
$1764 Lessons ( 30 mins)
$3448 Lessons (30 mins)

Semi-Private (2 Persons)

$211 Lesson (30 mins) per member
$401 Lesson (60 mins) per member
$764 Lessons (30 mins) per member
$1448 Lessons (30 mins) per member
$361 Lesson (30 mins) per non-member
$551 Lesson (60 mins) per non-member
$1404 Lessons (30 mins) per non-member
$2728 Lessons (30 mins) per non-member


If my child misses a class, can I make it up?

Unfortunately too maintain student/instructor ratios we only offer make-up classes if Coastal Fitness cancels a class

If registration has ended, can I still register my child?

No, late registration will be allowed because the student/instructor ratio has already been established.

Can my child stay and swim in the pool when class has ended?

If you are a gym member, your child may move to the free swim lane after the class to swim. Non-members MUST exit the pool at the end of practice.

How do I sign up for private lessons?

Private lessons are set up once a private lesson registration form has been filled out. You will be connected with an instructor so you can work out times and dates that work for both of you.

Will my child know how to swim after swim school?

We guarantee that your child will be taught swimming skills. Please know every child is different and they all learn at different levels. Swimming is a progressive sport that takes a lot of time to learn correct form. Consistency is the key to build strength and endurance for swimmers of all ages.